About osako

Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences OSAKO is a politically independent service and support organization for the students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. OSAKO’s status is prescribed by law, and the main task of OSAKO is to represent students and their interests inside Oamk, in the Oulu region and on a national level.

OSAKO has over 4500 members, which makes it one of the biggest student unions in universities of applied sciences in Finland. The student association preceding OSAKO was formed in 1997.

OSAKO is a member of University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK. SAMOK promotes the interests of students of universities of applied sciences on a national level. All members of OSAKO are also members of SAMOK.

Our mission

Student well-being

Well-being and benefit of students is at the core of everything the student union does. OSAKO represents students in educational and welfare matters, and fosters active and vibrant student life by organizing parties, trips and other events. OSAKO also negotiates new discounts and benefits for students.


Advocacy work is in the heart of OSAKO’s work. The interests of Oamk students are being promoted in several ways. We participate in the working groups of Oamk, lobby local politicians and other decision-makers and appoint student representatives to Oamk administration and degree programme teams.

Student union

Through the student union students can influence and participate in looking after common interests. One can, for example, join OSAKO’s teams or become a tutor or a student representative in a degree programme team. All OSAKO members have a right to vote and run as a candidate in the Election of Student Representatives.

The student union exists for the students. If you think OSAKO should do  something better or something is not right at Oulu UAS, do not hesitate to contact OSAKO’s board members or employees!


The highest decision-making power in OSAKO lies in the hands of 25 representatives. Members of the body of representatives (sometimes called representative council) are elected by the students each year. All members of OSAKO have both the right to vote and to run for a seat. The representatives meet when needed – in practice about ten times a year. They decide on the guidelines guiding the student union’s work, coordinate the work of the board and employees, and appoint student representatives to the Oamk administration.

Executive board

OSAKO’s Executive Board, elected by the body of representatives, is responsible for the everyday work of the student union. The board members work mostly with educational and welfare matters. They organize events, run OSAKO’s teams, represent students in different advocacy working groups, release statements on topical issues concerning students and co-operate with the national union SAMOK. Length of the term is one year.

You can visit the board members in OSAKO’s office. Their contact information is available here.


In addition to the board members, OSAKO has two full-time employees. Secretary General and Specialist in Communications and International Affairs are experts of their own field and support the board in its work.

Our partners

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