Actives of OSAKO for 2021 elected in organization meeting of Board of Representatives

Board of Representatives of student union OSAKO had its organization meeting on Tuesday the 24th of November. In the meeting they elected the chairpersons of the board of representatives, executive board of OSAKO and election committee for the year 2021.

Niina Latvastenmäki, a third-year student of social work, was elected as the chairperson of the student union and the board of representatives. This year Niina has been responsible for educational policy in OSASTO ry. Body of representatives chose a first-year natural resources student Kristiina Rytky as the vice-chairperson.

In the meeting representatives also chose an executive board: a chairperson, vice-chairperson and four board members. The board will decide the areas of responsibility in a meeting of their own.

Sami Luukela, a fifth-year journalism student, will continue as the chairperson of executive board for the 2021. This year Sami has been first a vice-chair and then the chairperson of the executive board. Hannu Halonen, a second-year student of social services, will be acting as a vice-chairperson of the board. He has been a vice-chair of OSAKO board already since May 2020. He has also been the chairperson of OSASTO ry in 2020. Representatives also chose four board members:

Johanna Kiviniemi (journalism)

Alma Niemelä (social services)

Linnea Mustonen (journalism)

Kristjan Rajaniemi (business administration)

In the meeting the body of representatives also elected the elections committee, that among other things arranges the Election of Student Representatives. The chairperson of election committee in 2021 will be business administration student Marcell Rotán. Members of election committee will be Benjam Palosaari, Juho Leskelä, Anna Poropudas, Nina Lyytikäinen, Taru Kyllönen and Olli Palokangas. Representatives also elected vice-members for election committee as follows: Teija Portaankorva, Sara Luttinen, Inka Niskanen, Konsta Vähäkuopus and Niko Posio.

Board of representatives, executive board and election committee will officially start their term in January 2021. Congratulations for everyone elected!

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