Slice benefits now available for members of OSAKO

Great news! Thousands of Slice discounts are now available for members of OSAKO!

You can find local and online shops discounts among the vast selection of benefits. Some of them are usable only ones, and some of them are more permanent discounts. You can spot your local businesses offering Slice student discounts by Slice sticker.

Slice sticker stating "Student positive business"
Slice sticker ”Student positive business”

How can I use the benefits?

As a member of OSAKO you can use Slice benefits via Pivo mobile student card (here’s how you can start using Pivo: https://pivo.fi/palvelut/pivo-student-card/). This is how you can find Slice discounts in Pivo:

  1. Open the Pivo app and choose Student card (Opiskelijakortti)
  2. Choose Benefits (edut) at the bottom
  3. Choose category Slice.fi
  4. Pick the interesting benefits!

At home and remotely – Slice benefits at home!

Due to current special circumstances with COVID-19 virus all the benefits might not apply as usual. Even though it’s not possible to attend lectures, go to student parties or sit at cafés as usual, you can still enjoy the outdoors, audio books, online-workouts and other activities you can do at home. This is why Slice is making effort for benefits and discounts that can be used at home. You can find these benefits at Online shops (verkkokauppaedut) part in Pivo. Discount codes and instructions on using the benefits can be found at each of the benefits.

Here are a few examples of popular online benefits of students:

  • Nextory: 30 days free trial for new users (regularly 14 days)
  • Wolt: 10 € discount for new users at first order
  • Pahis.fi: 15 % discount for online purchases
  • Murren Murkina: 5 % discount for all the online purchases
  • Piukat Paikat: 40 % discount for online coaching and programme bundles
  • Turun Fysiokulma: 45 minutes of remote physiotherapy 35 €
  • Rockway: 30 days free trial
  • Påre Skincare: 20 % discount for online purchases
  • Liljan Lankakauppa: 10% discount for online purchases

Enjoy the benefits and stay healthy!

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