Apply for Executive Board of the Student Union 2020

Board members for executive board of the student union for 2020 are elected at the end of November or beginning of December, at the organizing meeting of the new body of representatives. We are looking for enthusiastic and active board members, who are willing to develop OSAKO forward and whilst doing that, they will develop their own skills in event producing, communications and advocacy working!

There is a chairperson, 1-2 vice-chairs and 4-6 board members in the OSAKO executive board. Their job is to implement the decisions of the body of representatives into action, run operative actions of the student union in everyday life, and for example organize tutor trainings, organize events and to organize cultural activities to OUAS exchange students. Among that, the board is presenting OUAS students in many working groups and meetings every week.

Board members receive monthly reward throughout the year, excluding June and July. Reward is approximately the same amount as Kela financial aid for students. Even though OSAKO’s board is a working board, it is still possible to continue your studies during the year – it’s a matter of precise scheduling. There is also staff at the student union.

New elected board members will define their own responsibilities at the organizing meeting of the board after the election. That’s why current responsibilities of the board members aren’t permanent, but every new board member can form their own responsibility areas. Check the contact of the board to see how responsibilities are divided this year.

The newly elected executive board will receive orientation for their tasks between In December and early January. The orientation timetable is TBA.

If you have any questions about applying, don’t hesitate to ask! OSAKO crew is more than happy to answer all the questions.

Send your free-form application to osako@osakoweb.fi by Tuesday November 26 at 11:59 pm.

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