Board of representatives elected a new board for OSAKO

The board of representatives has elected a new board on their meeting today on May the 20th.

The new board will organize among themselves and decide about responsibilities before the end of May. There will be some training before summer, but the working will begin with full speed in August after summer vacation.

The new board members are:

Sami Luukela, chair of the board

Hannu Halonen, vice-chair of the board

Linnea Mustonen, board member

Johanna Kiviniemi, board member

Jussi-Tapio Selkälä, board member

Emilia Iinatti, board member

Alma Niemelä, board member

New board was elected due to previous chair’s Anni Pirttimaa resignation from the position of chair of the board. The rules of OSAKO state that if the situation is that the chair of the board has to resign from the position in the middle of the term, whole board must be re-elected. For the rest of the term, the body of representatives must select new board.

Congratulations for those who were chosen!

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