By-election notice 2021: OSAKO election of body of representatives

The highest decision-making power in OSAKO lies in the hands of 25 representatives. Members of the Body are elected by the students each year. All members of OSAKO have both the right to vote and to run for a seat. The representatives meet when needed – in practice about ten times a year. They decide on the guidelines guiding the student union’s work, coordinate the work of the board and employees, and appoint student representatives to the Oulu UAS administration.

In autumn 2020, a body of representatives was elected. Since then, actors from the representative council have been elected to the OSAKO Board. In addition, some have graduated. The electoral commission considers it important to supplement the representative council so that its ability to function is not compromised. The nomination period is between the 4th of May and the 11th of May. All OSAKO members have the right to vote and run in the election.

If necessary, a by-election will be held between the 1st of June and the 8th of June. When the election is completed, the student union members will receive a personal voting link.  

You can find the election announcement here.

You can find the candidate declaration form here.

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