Don’t worry too much!

It’s that time of the year again when new students are starting to arrive to Oulu. Even though this Autumn starts under uncertain clouds because of corona, let’s all hope that we could get some normality to our studies.

Starting a new part of your life is always exciting. I remember when I got my letter of acceptance during the summer 2018 and it was time to sort out my life for a new era. It was time to find a flat from Oulu, pack my stuff and say goodbye to all things familiar and safe. It’s not always easy, even when you’re excited to start new. It is okey to feel sad and scared, just don’t get stuck with those feelings.

On the first day of my orientation week, I was sitting on our old Kotkantie campus and wondering do I know anyone from my group, or can I make new friends. Just then I saw familiar face coming through the doors, I couldn’t remember the name, but face was familiar from the entrance exams. That was a starting point of a new friendship which has just got better during our years of studying. Besides, very soon I realized that our group was full of interesting and great personalities. So there is no need to worry, you can find new friends even from a new town.

I am from a small countryside town, and very soon after my move to Oulu, I realized that some things really work here. Like public transportation and cycle paths. So it’s a good idea to visit Oulu10 building and get yourself a bus card, and also keep your cycle in good condition if that’s your favorite way to move around. And now that we are talking about cards, get yourself a student card from OSAKO student union. That is a way to live cheaper. You can also buy a OKKL membership on that card and get benefits from different sporting courses and events. Oh, and get yourself those student overalls and start collecting patches, you can see mine at the photo.

While reading this it’s easy to think that starting a new life on a new town is hard. On a reality Oulu is an easy-going town to live, and Oamk is an easy-going school to study. You will find your place during the orientation weeks with our great tutors, just be active. And if you are same kind of a person as I am, you can find yourself soon working in a student organization or as a member of OSAKO’s student representative’s board.

Always keep in mind that things will sort themselves out. Don’t worry too much.

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