Election Notice 2021: OSAKO election of body of representatives

Student Union of Oulu university of Applied Sciences OSAKO notes that the election of the body of representatives shall be conducted electrically 27.10.–3.11.2021. All OSAKO members have the right to vote. Everyone who is entitled to vote in the elections will get the link to the voting system via e-mail they have given in Kide.app when joining OSAKO.

Every OSAKO member can become a candidate in the elections. Candidates can fill the declaration form for candidates beginning from September 21st 2021. You can either run as a candidate independently, or in a electoral alliance. For more information about the electoral alliances, contact the current chairpersons of the representative groups. Candidate declarations, declarations of electoral alliances or declarations of electoral circles can be printed from OSAKO’s website’s material section or you can get those from OSAKO’s office. Declaration forms for candidates, electoral alliances and  electoral circles must be submitted to OSAKO’s office on October 6th 2021, at 4 pm the latest.

The body of representatives is the highest decision-making body of the student union. It decides the guidelines for student union, and for example budget, membership fee etc. Body of representatives also choose the board for student union and student representatives to the Oamk administration.

For more information about the body of representatives, please see here the page about representatives and general information about elections from the material’s section or election page. Declaration forms for candidates, electoral alliances and electoral circles are also at the materials section of OSAKO’s website.

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