Going Abroad: Finale

Last month of the exchange period started with a road trip to Tirol area, which was followed by an intense week of studying and preparing for final presentations etc.

After the final exams we would travel to Prague to celebrate the end of the semester with Erasmus people, before people would leave for their home countries.

On the first week of June we took a rental car from Graz and drove it to Kaprun village. There we would continue to a dam that located between mountains.

5 people are standing on a bridge side by side holding arms on each others shoulders. There are clody mountains and a lake on the backround.
Kaprun dam

After Kaprun we would drive to a village called Krimml that has one the biggest waterfalls of Austria – Although the drive there did not come easy. We got stopped by the local police patrol and got fined because everyone in the car didn’t think that wearing a seatbelt is an obvious thing to do… We continued to the waterfall for a short period of time before driving to Innsbruck.

A waterfall is flowing down a forestry rocky hillside.
Krimml waterfall

The next morning, we drove to the bottom of a mountain called “Olperer”. From there we continued walking to “Olpererhutte”, which is a mountain hut on the slope of the mountain. At the hut we enjoyed some lunch and had a walk on the famous hanging bridge that locates next to the hut. After coming down from the mountain we made our way to Achen See for a late-night swim and then returned to Innsbruck.

Cloudy view to snowy mountaintops.
Views from the Olperer hut

After returning from Innsbruck everyone would start preparing for final exams and presentations. Personally, I managed to finish all intended courses. The European borders opened so we decided to go to Prague with the Erasmus people for the last time before we go on our separate ways.

People are walking at the front and you can see the city view of Prague with old buildings on the background.

Now it’s time to enjoy the last month of my stay before returning to Finland to finish my studies and start on my Thesis.


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