FSHS is coming – are you ready?

The Act on healthcare for students in higher education will take effect on 1 January 2021, whether you are ready or not. As a student in University of Applied Sciences the act will introduce Finnish Student Health Service FSHS into your life.

In practice this means that since January 2021 your student health care will be taken care of by FSHS. In this blog we explain what will change, who is entitled to services of FSHS and what those services are. In addition, we provide more information about payment practices.

The change in a nutshell

Since January 1, 2021 FSHS will produce the student health care services for all students in higher education. Until the end of 2020 the local municipal student health care takes care of the student health care of UAS students. Until now only university students have been entitled to the services of FSHS, so the equality between students will be significantly improved.

For whom?

Since 1.1.2021 under new legislation all degree students in higher education who have registered as attending students for a particular term will be entitled to use FSHS services:

– university students, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

– students at universities of applied sciences, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

– Police University College students (Bachelor’s degree)

– civilian students at the National Defence University.

This means that also students in multiform learning and international degree students are entitled to use the services. However, international exchange students, students in open UAS or commissioned education students are not entitled to use FSHS services.


The FSHS services are set out in the Act on healthcare for students in higher education and in the Guide on Student Healthcare (In Finnish). Responsibility areas of FSHS are providing students with health and medical care services, promoting students’ health and ability to study as well as promoting the well-being of the study environment and student community.

In practice the services include for example periodic health check-ups, oral health and mental health services, family planning and nutritional therapy. You can find a more thorough list of the services at the website of FSHS.

Healthcare fee

if you are studying a degree in UAS or university and you have registered for the semester, you are required to pay the healthcare fee. it is a tax-like fee, so the requirement to pay does not depend on how much you use the services. In the beginning of 2021, the service fees will be removed, so all the services of FSHS cost you only the amount of healthcare fee. With the exception of missed or uncancelled appointments, that can be billed.

In 2021 the health care fee will be 31,80 € per semester, which means 71,60 € per academic year. The amount of the fee is confirmed annually. Students pays the health care fee to Kela on their own initiative twice per academic year. Healthcare fee for the Spring 2021 can be paid at eServices of Kela in January 2020.

You can find more information about how to pay the health care fee at Kela’s website. Also, check out the FAQ about the healthcare fee in higher education at Kela’s website.

Any questions?

FSHS has a long list of questions and answers at its website. You can also send in your own questions at the site.

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