Hands clean, head cold and heart warm

Introduction of a new specialist.

An exciting start for a year 2021. I am the sunny, positive and active Anna-Lyydia. I started as a Specialist at OSAKO at the beginning of the year. I am the specialist at Communications, International affairs and Friend Family Programme.

In my current position as a specialist, I have gained strong experience in a wide range of communication tasks and student union activities. I’ll say with a twinkle in me eye, I also have gained the ability not to react quickly in unexpected situations.

Who am I?

In my current work, I consider my interest in communication tasks and international affairs to be a strength. My work situation is such that I graduated with a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Oulu in summer 2019, after which I have been a communications planner at the ELY centre. I’ve lived abroad four times in my life. The last time I lived in Mongolia was in spring 2019. I went there as a college intern because the dream of getting there matured in me even as a child. The dream was that I could live with genuine nomads and their animals. We could get along with nature provides.

I made my university internship marketing communications. I started doing it by writing a blog about the trip on Bloglovin, and posting pictures on Instagram. When I returned to Finland, I was asked to carry out a photo exhibition in cooperation with Oulu Cathedral Church. I got to know Satu, the church dean, chose the pictures to be displayed, and Satu commissioned them. I wrote the captions and the ads. That’s how the photo exhibition “Journey to the Closest was born. It was on display in Oulu on February 2020. In addition, I wrote a travel report for Otavamedia Oy’s Anna magazine on 34/2020 – it was voted best article of the issue. Right now, I am writing a book in my spare time. I am studying northern Sámi in my spare time.

In my work at OSAKO, I get to encourage others to to travel abroad on student exchange. I encourage students to do marketing communications. In my first week at OSAKO, I got to talk to one of the students who was going to exchange about what kind of marketing communications he could do from his trip. He has OSAKO’s Going Abroad grant. I get energized from experiencing different cultures and learning about them. I love languages and cultures.

What do I expect from 2021?

I’m looking forward to the year ahead. I think that the only way I can contribute to the coronavirus pandemic is to keep my hands clean and take care of my well-being and that of others around me. Viruses always change, and they’re generational experiences. I’m also trying to learn from the pandemic. I try to learn to keep my heart warm even in challenging situations.

At OSAKO, I experienced a challenging situation in my first week. My duties include family activities. In it, the degree student and the local family get to know each other, learning from each other if they so wish. My job was to set up a kick-off meeting for them. The family responded to my message and accepted my Teams invitation, but the degree student did not react to them in any way. The name and e-mail address he provided was not known to Oamk’s education services. Did something happen to the student?

We decided to meet with the family even if the degree student did not come online. We were surprised when he arrived at the Teams meeting. I asked him why he hadn’t answered my e-mail. He told me he gave his nickname to Friend Family Programme. He said he didn’t answer my message and invitation because there was nothing unclear to him about them. I was worried for nothing. I learned that it’s often wisest not to react too quickly. Things are often better than they seem at first.

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