Memberships of the last semester expire at the end of September – Renew your membership in Kide.app

OSAKO’s memberships for last year are valid only until the end of September. You can renew your membership easily in Kide.app: https://kide.app/products/6d90c5ea-e924-408b-b0e9-1d052495bdb9. If you haven’t ordered your student card yet, you can also do it there.

If you wish you can also purchase a shipping for your order. Otherwise you can pick up your membership sticker from OSAKO’s office in Linnanmaa during service hours, from Mon to Thu from 10 AM until 4 PM. On Fridays we are closed. You can also pick up your sticker from OSASTO’s office in Kontinkangas. They update their service hours weekly in their social media channels (IG & FB) @osastory.

If you encounter any difficulties when ordering you can reach us also through the chat on our website: http://osakoweb.fi/en/. Feel welcome to come by our office as well. We are glad to help you navigate through the ordering process. Don’t come to office unless you’re healthy.

You can find more information about membership benefits on this page: http://osakoweb.fi/en/student-card-and-membership-benefits/. We also explain why you should get a membership in this blog: http://osakoweb.fi/en/new-student-of-oamk-this-is-how-to-order-a-student-card/.   

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