My path to executive board of OSAKO

Vice chair of executive board of OSAKO shares his story about how he ended up to his position as well as his feelings about upcoming Autumn.

It will soon be a year since I decided to run for the board of representatives of OSAKO. By that point I was already interested in running for the executive board of OSAKO as well. However, I knew that the Spring of 2020 would be very busy for me, so I decided to wait until the next year. Then suddenly the chair of the board Pirttimaa resigned from her position in the spring of 2020. And according to the rules of OSAKO it meant that the whole board had to be re-elected.

Since I was already interested in applying for the board and I knew that I was particularly interested in the position of vice-chair, I asked the two previous vice-chairs about their experiences. However, by this point I had already made my decision. Then came the date 20th of May, which was the day that the board of representatives chose a new executive board for OSAKO. The new executive board was formed with 4 new members and 3 members that were already part of the old board.

However, for me the timing wasn’t the best, since I had to work a lot and there was also more schoolwork than I could fit into my busy schedule. In addition, the summer break from school was just about to begin.

Only a week after the board was formed it was time to organize among ourselves. The organization meeting gave me a great impression of our board and I’ve been waiting ever since the moment that I get to really start working for OSAKO.

One of the first things I got to do as a vice chair was a trip to Syysstartti (“Autumn Start”), an event organized by the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK. I traveled with Sami – the chair of the executive board and Kristjan – the vice chair of the board of representatives. The event consisted of interesting training sessions and I also got to meet people from other student unions for the first time. Soon after the Syysstartti we had a training day for our new executive board of OSAKO, which leads us to this moment.

When this blog is published the new students are just about to start their journeys in the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. This Autumn will however be exceptional compared to previous years and will also contain a lot of uncertainty. Nevertheless we will do everything we can as a student union to make this Autumn as good as possible.

– Hannu Halonen , OSAKOn vice chair of executive board of OSAKO.

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