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Wouldn’t Change a Day

The Chair of the Executive Board 2021 reminisces his soon ending student union career and all it can give.

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Clear communications – Clear mind.

In this blog text OSAKO’s new Specialist in Communications and International Affairs Venla writes about the importance of clear communications both in the study world and in other areas of life.

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Tutors as student support

OSAKO’s tutoring specialist writes about autumn, remote studying and tutoring.

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Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring is enjoyable, unforgettable and rich in experience.

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OSAKO and SAMOK are looking into how remote studying is going

To the survey: The aim of the survey is to get feedback on how the transition to distance learning has gone and how the state of emergency has...

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Slice benefits now available for members of OSAKO

You can find local and online shops discounts among the vast selection of benefits. Some of them are usable only ones, and some of them are more permanent discounts. You can spot your local...

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Currently OSAKO offers only remote services

Oulu University of Applied Sciences closes campuses March 18th until April 13th. Also OSAKO’s office will be closed for that time, and we will offer only remote services. You can read Oamk’s...

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COVID-19 affects OSAKO’s events for spring

Student union OSAKO ‘s board discussed COVID-19 situation and its effects on student union at board meeting. OSAKO follows instructions of the authorities and Oulu University of Applied Sciences....

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OSAKO follows updates about coronavirus epidemic and follows the official guidelines

Student Union OSAKO follows the development of coronavirus epidemic actively. We will act according to official guidelines and recommendations of the authorities. Current issues about...

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OSAKO is looking for a new board member- Apply now!

Student union OSAKO is looking for a new board member for rest of the year 2020. We seek someone enthusiastic and active, who is willing to develop OSAKO forward and whilst doing that, they will...

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