Opening fair of Preludi is postponed, evening event will be organized with special arrangements

Opening fair of Preludi will be organized later

Student union OSAKO has decided to postpone Opening fair of Preludi event. We want to offer a quality event for our students and partners and make sure that it’s interesting and worthwhile for everyone.

OSAKO apologizes for the chance this close to the event. We aim to organize the Opening fair later this Autumn if the situation with COVID-19 allows it. We will inform everyone about the new date as soon as possible.

Safety arrangements of Preludi

Organizing Preludi has risen some discussion. The health of our students is important to OSAKO, so we have planned safety arrangements of the event carefully. We have been following the situation with COVID-19 as well as current instructions and limitations carefully. We will keep on following them.

We have planned the safety measures of the venue carefully together with Club Teatria. Also, Club Teatria has been in contact with Regional State Administrative Agency. They confirmed that with the planned arrangements it is possible to organize our event safely for up to 2000 people.

What we shall do in practice?

In practice there are many steps that we are taking in order to take care of safety. Firstly, we will take on only half of the capacity of Club Teatria, 2000 in total.

The venue will be divided to four smaller sections A-D. Each of the sections can have maximum of 500 people. Sections have their own entrances, cloak rooms, toilets, and bars. There will also be a lot of tables in each section. Sections A and B have a possibility to go in front of the stage. Section C is accessible, and we will ensure that there is room for people with restrictions. We will publish a map picture about the sections at the Facebook event of Preludi.

Staff will divide people to sections as they arrive. You can wish a particular section, as long as there is still room left in it. You will stay in your designated section for the duration of Preludi. It is smart to come early and together with your whole entourage if you want to be sure to go to the same section.

There is food for sale outside of the sections, but pickup directions are taken into consideration. Please note, that only card payments are accepted. Cloak room fee is not included in the price of the ticket.

Please be patient when you have to wait in line during the event. Leave some space between yourself and other in the queue. We ask you not to rush to cloak room at the end of the evening. There is plenty of time for everyone to leave without haste.

We will hand out masks in the event. We also encourage to use your own masks. There will also be a lot of hand sanitizer available. Tables and doorknobs will be disinfected throughout the evening.

We would like to ask everyone to do their share in making this a successful event. Stay home if you are sick or you have even slightest symptoms of COVID-19. Also stay home if you have been in contact with someone infected. In case you cannot attend due to suspected infection, corona symptoms or getting sick, the price of the tickets can be refunded to you. Please take care of proper hand hygiene and pay attention that you sneeze and cough correctly.

Our partners

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