OSAKO has a new board

Even though summer is coming, we still have news from OSAKO crew! OSAKO had its spring meeting yesterday on Tuesday May 28th, and there we selected a new board for OSAKO. The new board will organize themselves at their first meeting on June 4th, and begin their work at the beginning of August, after summer vacations.

The new board members are

Jussi-Tapio Selkälä, chair of the board

Emma Hannonen, vice-chair of the board

Nina Lyytikäinen, vice-chair of the board

Teemu Rajala, board member

Inka Niskanen, board member

Matti Koskela, board member

Máté Gulyás, board member.

If the situation is that the chair of the board has to resign from the position in the middle of the term, whole board must be re-elected. For the rest of the term, the body of representatives must select new board.

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