OSAKO’S new executive board and chairpersons of the body of representatives elected for 2020

Body of representatives chose a new board and chairspersons for Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday evening 4th of December 2019. Second year student of natural resources- Nina Lyytikäinen was chosen as the chairperson of the body of representatives for the year 2020. Nina has also acted as vice-chair of the executive board for a part of this year. Body of representatives elected first year business student Kristjan Rajaniemi as the vice-chair of the body of representatives.

A third year engineering student Anni Pirttimaa was elected as the chairperson of the board. Sami Luukela will be acting as a vice-chair of the board. Sami is studying journalism for the fourth year and he has been acting as the vice-chair of the body of representatives of the year 2019. As Anni Pirttimaa transferred from the body of representatives to the executive board, vice member Anna Sippel was moved up to be an actual member of the body of representatives. In addition to Anni and Sami four more members of executive board were chosen:

Matti Koskela (information technology)

Linnea Mustonen (journalism)

Hanna Ojanperä (nursing)

Jussi-Tapio Selkälä (civil engineering)

In the meeting the body of representatives also elected the elections committee, that among other things arranges the Election of Student Representatives. The board will decide the areas of responsibility in a meeting of their own during December 2019. The new body of representatives and the board will start their terms in January 2020.

Congratulations for the elected people!

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