OSAKO's teams

In OSAKO’s teams students plan events and discuss topical issues. Together team members can, for instance, take a stand on matters they find important, visit interesting places or plan an event.

Unless informed otherwise, teams meet in OSAKO’s office. Actives of field-specific student organizations receive a personal invitation, but the teams are open for all OSAKO members.

Sports and Welfare Team

The Sports and Welfare Team is an open forum for everyone interested in these matters. It meets roughly five times a year. You are welcome to share your needs, concerns or anything else you have on your mind! The team discusses topics such as health, sports events, and the joys and problems the students have faced during their studies. The team also plans events and carries out projects. All ideas are welcome!

More info: OSAKO Board (please see personal lists of responsibilities)

Culture Team

OSAKO’s Culture Team meets every month to plan student events. The team consists of event coordinators of field-specific student associations and tutors, but anyone interested in student culture is welcome to join in!

More info: OSAKO Board (please see personal lists of responsibilities)

Educational Team

When there’s something you wish to share about your studies, teaching, practical training or other educational issues, the Educational Team is the place to speak up. OSAKO mediates the topics discussed in the team to the administration of Oamk, degree programme teams, or to the persons involved.

Educational Team discusses topical issues related to developing the education in Oamik and collects feedback from the students concerning the degree programmes. The team also organizes larger feedback campaigns and informs students about their rights. The team is an open discussion forum for actives in field-specific student associations, members of degree programme teams and everyone else interested in educational matters.

More info: OSAKO Board (please see personal lists of responsibilities)

International Team

OSAKO welcomes all international students, international tutors, actives of field-specific student associations and everyone else interested in international matters to join the International Team! Together we plan events and trips, develop teaching and guidance of international students and aim for better free-time activities. Any feedback concerning Oamk or OSAKO is welcome! The team meets roughly four times per semester, and some snacks are always offered in the team meetings.

More info: OSAKO Board (please see personal lists of responsibilities)

Tutor Team

The Tutor Team handles matters concerning tutoring in Oamk, plans tutor trainings and discusses topical issues related to tutoring. The team works as a link between OSAKO, field-specific student associations and the campuses.

Team members are mostly tutor representatives of field-specific student associations, but anyone interested is welcome to join. The team meets about once a month at OSAKO’s office.

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