Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring is enjoyable, unforgettable and rich in experience.

What is peer tutoring? What kind of tasks does that involve? I’m really trying to answer the question. I am currently tutoring two classes. I am a tutor representative at Oulun tradenomiopiskelijat OUTO ry. In my current position as a tutor representative, I have gained experience in a wide range of tasks and tutoring.

The tutor’s “career” begins with tutor training, which OSAKO organises in springtime. This tutor training provides good tools for tutoring. After the necessary tutor training, it is time to start the actual tutoring. Autumn and the new students will arrive soon. As a tutor, I was looking forward to the beginning of the academic year as much as the new students did. Together with other tutors and tutor teachers, we planned a different program and activities for new students. The plan was preliminary, and changed a little. The orientation week programme can be designed by tutors and tutor teachers, and at this stage you can and must use your own imagination to see what kind of embarrassing grouping games you want to arrange for new students.

Orientation week is the most important and biggest thing for tutors, but there is more to it than that. At the beginning of the academic year, the tour de Oulu will be held, where the tutors will play a large part. In addition to the Tour de Oulu, there are usually many other student events in the autumn, and hopefully next year the situation will allow them to be arranged. All events organised in early autumn play a very important role in the grouping of students. The tutor gets to know those they tutor. However, different activities can be arranged all year round. Only imagination is the limit.

As an experience, tutoring has been unforgettable, at least for myself. I got to know new people and friends. Tutoring is supposed to be nice and that’s what it’s really been! However, the most important task of the tutor is to be a friend with the new students and, if necessary, help with, for example, enrolments in courses or other completely everyday matters. If you need help with one of the tutoring-related tasks, you will receive it from other tutors or from a tutor representative of your own training organisation or OSAKO tutor representative. As a tutor, you will not be left alone, and at the same time make sure that none of the new students are left alone either. Tutoring is truly a unique experience and I can recommend it to everyone who is even a little interested!

Writer: Aapo Haddington

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