Representation of students at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Board of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied Sciences has two institutional parts, its board and rector, who is the CEO of university of applied sciences. Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland are limited companies. There is one student member as an actual member at the board of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Student member’s board period is two years, and the body of representatives selects them.

Valtteri Törmänen

member of the board of Oulu University of Applied Sciences
050 597 2007

Board of examiners

Requests for rectification related to study attainments are processed by the University of Applied Sciences’ Board of Examiners whose members are appointed by the Board of the University of Applied Sciences. Student union have right to appoint two student members, who are selected by the body of representatives, and two deputy members. The request for rectification is processed by the Board of Examiners if a student is unsatisfied with the response he or she has received from the Lecturer or the person, who made the accreditation decision.

The student can request for rectification from the Board of Examiners to the grades of the courses arranged in connection with Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Vocational Teacher Education, Specialisation Studies, Open University Studies or studies arranged as separate studies and containing parts of degree.

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Juho-Elias Mäkimartti


Riikka Karppinen, personal deputy member

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Elina Lassila


Emma Hannonen, personal deputy member

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