This is the time to try something new

For some, turn of the year is the time for new beginnings and time for reforming. For others spring is the season that offers these opportunities. For me however, the season that reflects those new beginnings is the Autumn. This year it is yet again a student Autumn.

New semester has kicked off. We continue with the same pattern, that we were forced to get used to in Spring – if we even ever got used to it. Studying and working remotely have created new challenges for us before, but now it feels normal. It’s perfectly ordinary to stay at home to listen to a lecture while eating a late breakfast.

However, Autumn always brings something new with it. New students have arrived and part of us have transferred to study in our new campus. You get to know to new people at events and while studying, and new semester creates completely new challenges in life. But what if all of it only feels like hard and boring everyday work? After all we are still studying remotely, which is why new things might not feel that amazing this year.

When summer was turning to Autumn I pondered for a long time where to find motivation for studying independently, especially with Autumn and dark season approaching. Evenings are no longer bright. Mornings are just as dark. I soon realized that the answer was obvious: free-time activities! But I don’t have any special hobbies – or do I?

A hobby doesn’t need to be a burden. You don’t need to attend different groups that gather regularly if you don’t want to. My tip for all of you is to try something you haven’t tried before on your free time. Try painting, photographing, renovating, sports, baking, learning a new language, or board games. The most important thing is that those same four walls won’t drive you back deep inside your couch, where you spend plenty of time studying as it is. And if something doesn’t feel like your thing – good. At least you know you don’t need to try it again. Keep on trying until you find what feels right. You might be in for positive surprises.

I tried out yoga. I liked it, but I still quit after few times. Trying new recipes has proven to be a good way to make time fly. My bookshelf is filled with books, so it is another good place to start. If I run out of books, the library is filled with plenty more! If I can’t come up with anything else, I go for a run. Writing is my passion, so why wouldn’t I start a blog?

I challenge all of you to start a new hobby or project this Autumn. Knit wool socks, build a bookshelf, or read a book from start to finish. Let’s stay active and fight exhaustion that way. Increasingly dark Autumn evenings don’t feel quite as bad if you have a fun activity to hold on to.

I wish you all the best for this Autumn and your studies!
– Linnea Mustonen, tutoring responsible of OSAKO executive board

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