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OSAKO’s tutoring specialist writes about autumn, remote studying and tutoring.

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The new semester has begun. New students have arrived at campus and also continuing students are busy adjusting back to study life after summer. Remote studying and working have created new challenges for us, but now they are starting to feel normal for us. It’s completely normal to stay at home and listen to remote lectures while enjoying breakfast at the comfort of your own couch.  

Last year’s new students started in the middle of new hardships, when the semester was held largely remotely. This year it has been promised that contact studying will be continued, at least in a hybrid model combining both remote and contact studying. Either way, there will be at least some remote studying this year, too.

About 120 second-year students have become new student Tutors for this year. In addition there is already about 100 Tutor students continuing from last year. Tutors help in studying and school-related problems but also in free time related things. How do I get a library card? Where can I see my studies? What was that nice park where we were in the beginning of orientation? Could my tutor recommend some cozy cafés for me?

The role of Tutor students is especially big during autumn, because often they are the first link to student life for new students. There is a lot to learn: studying and combining your free time with your new student life. Tutors have a lot of responsibility and I hope that every Tutor carries their Tutor badge with pride, honesty and reliability.

Not only are Tutors coaches to student life, they also guide older and more experienced students. Especially Experience Tutors, who have been tutors for over a year, are familiar faces from earlier years.

The superpower of this year’s Tutors is the year of distance learning behind them. Many may find it frustrating, but it has certainly been a great source of inspiration for my own studies and the development of my study skills.

To Tutors: Make the most of your strengths. Some of them may seem small and insignificant, but many times they are of enormous benefit to your fellow students.

Tutorees: Dare to ask your Tutors for help when you need it. They have been selected and trained to fulfill this important role in order to help you settle into school.

All students: Enjoy the coming academic year and have confidence in your own abilities. If distance learning comes your way, remember that the hardest year is probably already behind you. And because we survived it, we’re sure to survive the next one too.

Autumn greetings,

Linnea Mustonen

Tutoring Specialist at OSAKO

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