What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 2: Events, sustainable development, tutoring and international affairs

Are you interested in organizing events or tutoring? How about wellbeing of students or developing education? Could you be a part of OSAKO’s executive board for the year 2021?

Responsibilities of the student union include various areas. In the “What does the executive board of OSAKO do?” blog series current actives of the board shed a light on what they actually do on the board and how they feel about it. Now it’s turn for OSAKO’s board member who are responsible for events and sustainable development, tutoring and international affairs to share their thoughts.

Emilia, Linnea and Alma at Club Teatria

Events and sustainable development

The main tasks of the event manager are the organization and planning of OSAKO’s events. The entire board often participates in the implementation, brainstorming and feedback meetings of the events. However, the event manager must be aware of what each person is doing and what tasks have yet to be done for the event.

The event manager acts as a convener in the cultural team, which is attended by event managers from different student organizations. The event manager keeps track of events and makes sure that different events do not overlap.

The event manager works closely with the various members of the Board, the communications specialist and other actives and school staff as well. In project work, the event manager helps to come up with ideas and develops events and activities that support the project.

Alma Niemelä: OSAKO’s board member responsible for tutoring (and Masa)

This year, in addition to the event management I have taken care of sustainable development issues. These responsibilities have come a nicely hand in hand, for example with Sustainable Development Week. Sustainability work mainly involves participating in Oamk’s environmental team and bringing the student perspective on sustainable development issues.

When I applied to the board, my student association knowledge was pure zero. Luckily getting to know the activities was easy and quick because of my own active approach. Being on the board has definitely given good experience, successes, and new friendships. At the board we have supported and encouraged each other. I have never had to feel like I was alone with too much to handle. It has also been awesome to work with the event managers of different organizations, as well as to hear their ideas about the possibilities of arranging different student events during the corona period.

– Alma Niemelä, Board member of OSAKO executive board, events, and sustainable development


Tutoring as an area of responsibility might sound easily approachable – which it indeed is. As the person responsible for tutoring at OSAKO you should have at least a little bit experience from tutoring, but it’s not an absolute must. I applied for the position after 6 months of tutoring experience and I don’t regret a moment. I used to be an event manager at Kultti ry, so I already had some experience from student organizations.

As the tutoring responsible your job is simply to organize tutoring at Oamk. The annual cycle goes somewhat like this: update tutoring manuals, put together Tutor Team, plan and execute tutor recruitment. Then it’s time to train the newly selected tutors. The rest of the year goes by with communicating with tutors and keeping them up to date with everything.

Once a month I organize the Tutor Team, where I meet the tutoring responsibles from student organizations and update them about upcoming events, training and news from the student union. And in return they update me about how tutors have been doing and convey the information I gave to tutors.

Linnea Mustonen, OSAKO’s board member responsible for tutoring

Every day is different. Some days I get to write study credit recommendations and stamp tutoring passports. Some days I participate meetings and plan events for tutors. The only thing that came as a surprise was the big need for organization skills. And luckily, I have those!

If you are thinking about how it’s possible to be in the board and do your studies simultaneously, I can tell you that it won’t be a problem unless you let it be a problem. Balancing studies and board duties is a matter of scheduling. You could compare it to balancing studies and working.

As a board member I have also got contacts from all over Finland. I can warmly recommend applying for the position of tutoring responsible! You’ll get tons of useful experience and skills for working life, opportunities to network with people and you get to improve your time management.

– Linnea Mustonen, Board member of OSAKO executive board, tutoring

International affairs and international tutoring

As a person responsible for international affairs and International tutoring of OSAKO, your tasks include arranging recruitment of international tutors and participating training them. You also get to guide the tutors in their important tasks.

In addition to tasks related to tutoring, you will help the specialist of communication and international affairs with arranging events for international students. Your responsibility is to organize a monthly International teams, that bring together people interested in developing International matters at Oamk.

Emilia Iinatti, OSAKO’s board member responsible for international affairs and tutoring

International tutoring responsible tries to make sure that the voice of international students is heard when discussing decisions that affect them. Person in this position will work closely with International Team of Oamk and OSAKO’s own communication and International affairs specialist.

I started this autumn season in challenging situation. However, with great team and my previous experience in Cultures student organization I got a hang of everything quite quickly. And even if something came up, in, in this team I was never left alone. Everyone was there to support one another. Of course, there has been challenges but what is life without any?

– Emilia Iinatti, Board member of OSAKO executive board, international affairs, and international tutoring

How can I join the board?

Board members for executive board of the student union for 2021 are elected at the organizing meeting of the new body of representatives, which is held on Tuesday November 24. You can express your interest in becoming elected to the board at the meeting or beforehand.

Advisory board does some groundwork for electing the board by making their suggestion about who should be elected to the executive board. If you want to be named in the proposal of advisory board, you can send a free-form application letter to osako@osakoweb.fi by November 18. We shared more information about what the executive board does and how you can be elected in our announcement.

If you have any questions about the executive board or specific areas of responsibility, you can find our contact information on our website.

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