What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 3: Social Policy and Educational Policy

In the last part of our blog series we get a glimpse of the tasks of board members responsible for social policy and educational policy. Would you like to be the next “sopo” or “kopo” of OSAKO in 2021?

We are looking for active members for OSAKO’s executive board for the year 2021. But what does the executive board actually do? In the third part of our blog series our social policy responsible Johanna and educational policy responsible Jussi-Tapio will talk about their areas of responsibilities.

Social Policy aka sopo

What does Social Policy mean, and how does it work at Oamk? Social Policy aims to influence the wellbeing of students and their ability to study. Things like housing, student subsistence, and sports are related to social policy. At OSAKO, social policy responsible aims to understand how the wellbeing of students at Oamk is, why are the students feeling good or bad, and what can the student union do to improve the wellbeing of students.

At OSAKO’s board Social Policy responsible handles matters related to student wellbeing: They organize the team for Social Policy responsibles of student organizations, take part in student wellbeing groups and organize wellbeing and sports events in cooperation with other student wellbeing groups.

Important cooperation partners are student councilors, student health care professionals and other organizations that organize student sports etc. Next year also the Finnish Student Health Service FSHS will be an important partner. All in all, everything that affects students’ wellbeing is in the job description of the OSAKO’s Social Policy responsible.

Johanna, the board member responsible for social policy

Working as a board member responsible for Social Policy at OSAKO has been challenging because of the corona-virus situation. It has brought so many changes to studying and board work. OSAKO’s board members still have good spirit in their work, and everyone has been helping each other.  It has been a great help for me because I joined the executive board in June, and my internship that was planned to be at Spring moved to be at Autumn.

Although I haven’t been able to work full time for this position, I have still felt it important and interesting for me. I recommend this position to anyone that is interested in to help and improve the lives and wellbeing of students in the Oulu University of applied Sciences.

– Johanna Kiviniemi, board member of OSAKO executive board, social policy

Educational policy aka kopo

What is educational policy and what does it mean in Oamk? Educational policy is developing areas related to quality of education and contents of education. At OSAKO the person responsible for educational policy is interested in whether or not our students find Oamk a good place to study, why they feel how they do and what could the student union do to improve the situation.

In this position you get to take a stand on education and its quality at our school. By discussing with other students and listening to them you’ll get a pretty decent idea about what kind of challenges our students struggle with. You do your part to ensure that teaching is of high class and that everyone is treated equally. If students encounter issues related educational affairs, they can contact the board member responsible for educational policy. Then, OSAKO can offer support and help in solving the issue.

Jussi-Tapio, board member responsible for educational policy

In our school there are multiple working groups that consist of teachers, staff, and student representatives. In these groups you get to bring the point of view of student into the discussion or share any issues that have been brought to your attention. Your to-do list for the year also includes arranging the student survey and organizing the team meetings for educational policy responsibles of student organizations as well as organizing the voting for Student of the Year and Teacher of the Year -awards.

I’ve been the educational policy responsible of OSAKO for over a year now, and it has been challenging at times. Attending various working groups related to the quality of studies has taught me a lot. Previously, I used to imagine all the decisions were made in some big rooms somewhere far away from our school. Working at OSAKO’s board however has made me realize that you can make a difference as a student as long as you’re active.

– Jussi-Tapio Selkälä, board member of OSAKO executive board, educational policy

How can I join the board?

Board members for executive board of the student union for 2021 are elected at the organizing meeting of the new body of representatives, which is held on November 24. You can express your interest in becoming elected to the board at the meeting or beforehand.

Advisory board does some groundwork for electing the board by making their suggestion about who should be elected to the executive board. If you want to be named in the proposal of advisory board, you can send a free-form application letter to osako@osakoweb.fi by November 18. We shared more information about what the executive board does and how you can be elected in our announcement.

If you have any questions about the executive board or specific areas of responsibility, you can find our contact information on our website http://osakoweb.fi/en/contact/.

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