You can still apply to be an international tutor

Do you want to make Oamk a better place to study? Did you get amazing guidance from your own tutor, and you want to keep on doing that on your own? Or do you want to do things differently than a year before? Were you a tutor last year and you want to keep on tutoring?

If you answered any of these questions YES, we definitely recommend you to apply to be an international tutor in the academic year of 2019-2020! As a tutor you are responsible for group of students assigned for you and other tutors: helping them to form a group with each other, familiarize with each other etc. You will also help them at the beginning of their studies at Oamk and at the beginning of their new life situation as a student.

You can also apply to be a tutor to exchange students. They are tutoring exchange students, and besides the studying at Oamk, they familiarize the students with life in Oulu and in Finland. You can be a Finnish-speaking tutor and international tutor at the same time.

You can apply for 3 study credits from tutoring, and include the credits to your free studies. As a continuing tutor you can apply for 2 study credits, so in total you can get 5 study credits from tutoring all in all.

OSAKO gathers all the tutor applications and selects the tutors with persons responsible for tutoring in student organizations. OSAKO holds also trainings for all the new tutors. The dates for trainings are at the end of this text. We will try to inform the selected tutors as soon as the application period is over.

If you are a continuing tutor and you have already went through the tutor trainings, you don’t have to participate again but you still need to apply again. You can also accomplish the tutor training online but we recommend that you come to actual trainings, if that’s possible in any way.

You can apply to be a tutor by sending an application via e-mail to osako@osakoweb.fi by Sunday March 24th. Title your e-mail clearly, for example “International tutor application”. Write your application in English.

These things must be included to your application:


e-mail (use your students.oamk.fi e-mail)

the year you began your studies

study field and and your option

your group

are you participating in trainings or accomplishing the trainings online

Please answer also to these questions in free form:

Why do you want to be a tutor?

How you can be a good tutor in your opinion?

What do you think are the most important tasks as a tutor?

What kind of problems or problematic situations you may face as a tutor, and how would you solve those?

Why we should choose you to be a tutor?

Training date for international tutors:


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