Vappu is coming! check the programme and collect the whole overall patch arrangement!

The long-awaited Vappu is here again soon! Finally, am I right? Every student’s favourite busy time of the year.

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 The long-awaited Vappu is here again soon! Finally, am I right?

Every student’s favourite busy time of the year. This year the celebration starts on the 25th day and it’ll rave on util the end of April. From this year’s Vappu you can expect new events and the legendary, already esteemed events. Now’s your chance to experience a “normal” Vappu for the first time since 2019.

During Vappu you can collect 7 brand new overall patches, that will form a beautiful arrangement for your official student uniform a.k.a overalls. (6 patches required for the whole arrangement, but there are 7 patches available in total.)


25.4. MAYDAY – OTE

Welcome to the start of Vappu, Mayday in Mango. Vappu will start with a bang! Mayday mayhem starts at 22 and goes on until 05, to the mere cost of 3 euros. Mayday is part of the overall patch arrangement, a nd there will be a limited number of patches available, so be there or be square!

WHAT? Mayday!
WHERE? Mango Discobar
WHEN? 25.4. at 22-05
TIX? 3 euros, to be sold on on 13th April!
WHY? The start of student Vappu 2022!


Uuteen nOOOusuun is Ote’s, Outo’s and OIO’s Tuesday jams. You can expect fun activities and chill vibes together. This party will lift you to new heights after Mayday. Grab your overalls and come to Helmi with us!

WHAT? Uuteen NOOOusuun – a day of activities!
WHERE? Letkunpuiston Helmi
WHEN? 26.4. 13-18
TIX? No tix, event is free!
WHY? Let’s keep this Vappu rollin’!


Welcome to Kiikeli to celebrate Vappu with proper style: BBQ picnic with a Funniest Hat Contest! Wear a funny, confusing or otherwise extraordinary hat/headpiece and head to Kiikeli! Be there early to get the exclusive patch from this event to your collection! This event is part of the Vappu patch arrangement.

WHAT? Grillikauden avajaiset ‘The start of the BBQ season’
WHERE? Kiikeli
WHEN? 27.4. at 16-21
TIX? Free!
WHY? Opening up the grilling season, of course!


Welcome to this Vappu’s toughest afterparty! Vappu’s eve eve eve eve parties are the official afterparty for Kultti’s ad Luva’s Grilling party which is right beforehand! This feelgood party will be at Heidi’s Bier Bar 27.4. from 22 forward. Tickets will be live on on 11th Aril on 12 o’clock sharp, and they will cot 2 euros. Welcome to enjoy student priced drinks and the official patch as well for your collection. See you there!

WHAT? Vapun aatonaatonaatonaattobileet
WHERE? Heidi’s Bier Bar
WHEN? Wednesday 27.4. 22 ->
TIX? Tickets 2 euros from OR from the door during the event
WHY? Overalls or your BBQ outfit of choice


Welcome to the earliest party of Vappu – Päivädisko! Get ready to dance, groove and party to disco music in Kaarle from 12 forward. After the party we’ll be warmed up and ready for Tynskän työntö. Tickets to Päivädisko will be on sale on 14th April to the cheap price of 3 euros! Päivädisko is also one of the official Vappu patch selection, so be sure to be quick and grab the patch when you arrive!

WHAT? Päivädisko
WHERE? Kaarlenholvi
WHEN? 28.4. at 12-17
TIX? 3 euros, in advance from 14th April forward
WHY? The early worm gets the disco, and maybe a patch as well!


Tynskä, a.k.a the barrel sauna on wheels, will be once again pushed from Villa Kaljaasi to the city centre. This is a long tradition in Oulu’s Vappu programme. Before the deed we will gather some energy by enjoying grilled sausages. The Tynskä’s final goal will be Villa Kaljaasi, in which we ca go to sauna and enjoy the evening! Tynskän työntö is also part of the official Vappu patch selection. Welcome!

WHAT? Tynskän työntö
WHERE? Villa Kaljaasi (Kaljaasintie 8 )
WHEN? 28.4. at 16
TIX? Free for everyone!
WHY? Tynskän työntö will be here once again for the first time since 2019!


OSAKO’s legendary Vappu orienteering is here again! Gather up our squad and get ready for the battle for the kingship of Vappu! Sign up for the battle in the google form below. Make sure to sign up before 25th April. Only one person from your team will have to sign up.
The winning team will receive a grand prize and most of all – honor and respect. This event will have an official afterparty as well, which will be announced soon. STAY TUNED! The orienteering is part of the patch selection.

WHAT? Vappu orienteering!
WHERE? City centre parks
WHEN? 29.4. 15-21 (+ afterparty!)
TIX? No tickets, orienteering is free (when you sign up!)
SING UP? Here 11.4.-25-4.…/1FAIpQLSfupSI4UxWVSZF3eY…/viewform


Welcome to a game filled day of fun in Linnansaari on Vappu Eve 30.4. from 15 onward. There will be yard games and whole lotta fun. Show your skills and win prizes. Brab some food and drinks, and come along and cheer your buddies to victory! Vappugames is also part of the patch arrangement, so be there early to grab one!

WHAT? Vappugames
WHERE? Linnansaari
WHEN? 30.4. 15-20
TIX? Free!
WHY? The main day of Vappu!

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