Harassment contact persons

Student Union OSAKO’s harassment contact persons are ready to listen, help and support anyone who has been harassed or has experienced or seen inappropriate behavior. Harassment contact persons have been trained by OSAKO. You can contact any of the contact persons. Campus-specific harassment contact persons are below on this page.

Heikki Vihma


Paula Ervasti


Harassment contact persons of student organizations

Kontinkangas campus and Linnanmaa campus

Here you can find a list of the current harrassment persons of every student organization, if they have been named. Please note, that OSAKO updates this list only twice a year, so topical info can be found only from student organizations.

OUTO – Sofia Kangas, k1kaso01@students.oamk.fi, +358 44 2812541

Miro Heikkinen, c3hemi01@students.oamk.fi, +358 44 2138162

OTE – Eetu Mikkonen, k0miee00@students.oamk.fi, +358 50 566 0417

Tanja Rintakangas, t1rita00@students.oamk.fi, +358 40 7772198

OIO – hairinta@oiory.fi

OSASTO – Mikko Kumavaara, Aino Kotirinta 

KULTTI – Ville Kyllönen
+358 44 9878239

Eevi Kärkinen
+358 40 9344565

TOO – Saskia Rossi, m2rosa00@students.oamk.fi
Tomi Ihanus, m3ihto00@students.oamk.fi

LUVA – Julia Possakka, 044 214 8951, l2poju00@students.oamk.fi

Mikko Mäkelä, 040 968 8234, l3mami00@students.oamk.fi

ARKKO – Emma Aarnio, 040 416 8021

Petra Alasuutari, 044 349 3511 

Reetta Raikunen, 044 975 5522


MOLLI – Saana Yli-Tepsa,  m3ylsa00@students.oamk.fi

Eelis Saurio, m3saee00@students.oamk.fi

What contact persons do?

Harassment contact persons are people who have been trained for their task. They are bound to secrecy, and they never act against the student’s approval. The contact person supports the student as long as needed. They never judge, but discuss with the harassed person and help solve the situation.

Contacting harassment contact persons is not an official way to report harassment, but they offer support in all stages of stopping the harassment. They know where to find help even in emergency situations and direct the student to find help. You can contact them even if you only want to discuss the harassment. All discussions with contact persons are confidential.

What is harassment?

Harassment is always a subjective experience. Harassment is behaviour that the subject considers unwelcome; touching, comments, jokes, or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

Harassment is never the fault of the person experiencing harassment. Long-term harassment can cause depression, social isolation, and complicate studies. Harassment is a form of discrimination, and against the law of equality. If harassment takes place in a school, the school has to take action.

It is hard to judge your own behavior, so the harasser might not understand that their behavior is harassing. Often pointing out inappropriate behavior is enough, but sometimes the situation calls for other measures.