OSAKO offers several services for its members, in addition to the student card and lobbying the student interests.

As an OSAKO member, you can borrow equipment for different sports (we have summer and winter equipment) from our Sluuppi Shop on Linnanmaa Campus or apply for a grant for your studies or intern abroad. The range of our services is wide, and we strive to help you with everything you need.

Rent equipment

OSAKO has camping and sports equipment which our members can borrow for free. There is no reservation system; first come, first served. In our storage there are e.g.

There is also other useful and fun staff, that you can borrow: For example, we have a lots of board games and tools.

For more information, please send us a message on Instagram @osakoweb or contact OSAKO’s Specialist in Communications and International Affairs Jennika /

If you have some useful equipment you don’t need anymore, OSAKO would be happy to have them!

Going Abroad -Grant

OSAKO annually awards grants for studying or training abroad. The application period is twice a year: in the fall semester in November and in the spring semester in April-June. The amount of the grant is 200 euros. Please always check the news for current application times.


The receiver must

Applying for the grant

You can apply with an informal application. The application should include the following information:

Please email the application to the Specialist in Communications and International Affairs Jennika, Please name your email “Going Abroad application”

Application period 22.4.-5.5.2024