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OSAKO, or Oulu University of Applied Sciences student union, is a non-political, statutory advocacy and service organization.

As a member, you get valuable benefits, tickets to events, and get your voice heard!

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What are the benefits of joining?

Support of the community
The student body will help you during your studies from beginning to end: from tutoring in the first year to student representation in the administration and advocacy.
Problem solving
We help you with all problems related to student life. We can also guide you forward if you need other help.
Discounts and benefits
By showing your student card, you get access to hundreds of local and national benefits, discounts and offers.
Have fun
As a member of OSAKO, you get tickets to our legendary events at a reduced price. There are plenty of events, from small-scale dinner parties to big 8 000-person parties.

What's happening?


Day tip to Ranua Wildlife Park

Day trip to Ranua Wildlife Park

Welcome to OSAKO’s day trip to Ranua Wildlife Park! In Ranua you can see polar bears, brown bears, wolves, bobcats and all kinds of other arctic animals. We will go […]



Time to Tour d’Oulu!  Save the map! We welcome all new students to student life in the spirit of alcohol-free checkpoint orienteering event at The 31st of August 2022. Students […]


OSAKO & OYY:n movie night

Welcome to the joint movie night of all students and both universities! Let's choose a movie together, but our suggestion is to watch a nostalgic Disney movie. For the first time, we choose a new theme or genre together.