What kind of events does OSAKO organize? How much does the membership cost? Who’s elected to the Executive Board? Who represents students in Oamk administration?

Every year, students elect 15-20 representatives and their deputies to OSAKO’s Body of Representatives. All OSAKO members are entitled to run for representative and to vote.

What are the representatives ?

The 15-20 representatives make the most important decisions concerning the activities of OSAKO. How OSAKO spends its time and money and what are the things the student union promotes – all this depends on the representatives.

The President of Body of Representatives leads the entire student union. Practical work carried out by the Executive Board is overseen by the representatives. Board members work full-time, but the representatives meet only when needed – in practice about ten times a year. This means that the representatives can continue their studies normally.

How do I vote?

This year’s (2023) voting will happen 1.-8.11. Check out this year’s candidates from here.

All OSAKO members are entitled to vote – if you have a student card with a valid sticker on it, you are a member. Voting is carried out electronically. A personal voting link is sent to all OSAKO members to email which they have put to Kide App when becoming a member of OSAKO.

All those who have paid their membership fee have a right to vote. If you join OSAKO during the voting days, please notice that the online payments don’t register right away. Just print a receipt and visit us at OSAKO’s office to make sure you’ll receive your voting link.

The next voting will be open during 1.-8.11.2023.

How to run ?

In 2023 you can register as a candidate 26.9.-11.10. until 4 pm. The registeration happens via form that can be uploaded from OSAKO’s material bank or collected from OSAKO’s office.

You can join the existing electoral alliances, establish your own alliance or register as an independent candidate. Electoral alliances vary every year, so don’t hesitate to present your own ideas. To get started, you can contact any of the chairpersons of existing representative groups. You can also visit the office of your field-specific student association and ask if your field is represented this year.

For more information on how the Body of Representatives works, please contact OSAKO’s President. Further details on the election is provided by OSAKO’s Secretary General. Both are happy to answer any election-related questions.

Election Committee

The Election Committee consists of a chairperson, six committee members and their personal deputy members. The Committee organizes the Election of Student Union Representatives and other votings.

The Committee presents the Body of Representatives the candidates for student representatives and their deputies in Oulu UAS administration, including the Board of Oulu UAS. The Committee also prepares the rules and regulations concerning elections and voting.

Anniina Happonen



Reetta Mäkelä

Rebekka Kangasharju

Jori Karjalainen

Reetta Raikunen

Igor Karppinen

Tiia Ruotsalainen

Deputy Members

Hanna Kilponen

Sofia Hirvi

Veeti Saarela