Degree Programme Teams

Degree programme teams are the best opportunity for students to influence their own education at Oamk. Teams meet regularly to discuss the content and structure of degree programs in order to develop them. Teams consist of student representatives, staff members and representatives of different key interest groups.

Every student completing a degree at Oamk can apply to join the degree program team as a student administrator.

Participation in a degree programme team will not only give you a chance to influence your own education, but will also teach you a great deal about managing and developing higher education. Besides the valuable experience, you can also earn credits (3).

Team participation for study credits

Student representative can produce information of the degree programme team’s work to other students. Student is able to evaluate feedback gathered from students of a certain degree programme for the degree programme team. The student knows how to exercise influence in the university. Student can produce constructive and positive feedback, tell how the student feedback questionnaire and learning feedback is processed and what is student’s role in it. Student can evaluate competence-based study modules and plans and the development of education in student’s own degree programme. Student can apply meeting technique skills and knowledge in similar meetings.

The functions and meaning of a degree programme team, quality assurance system, constructive feedback, possibilities for student to exercise influence in a university, meeting techniques, development of performance and functions of an organisation.

No prerequisites needed.

Head of the Degree Programme is responsible for the registration of the study attainment and study points. The learning diary for the course is returned to Head of the Degree Programme of your degree programme. You can find their contact information on Oiva. How to apply instructions are found here.


Participation in degree programme team’s meetings for at least one year; participation in planning and executing a developmental task; writing a study diary of student’s own learning process and learning outcomes; recruiting new student representatives to degree programme teams.

Student representatives in teams

All the student members of the degree programme teams can be found from student intranet Oiva.