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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 3: Social Policy and Educational Policy

In the last part of our blog series we get a glimpse of the tasks of board members responsible for social policy and educational policy. Would you like to be the next “sopo” or “kopo” of OSAKO in 2021?

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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 2: Events, sustainable development, tutoring and international affairs

Are you interested in organizing events or tutoring? How about wellbeing of students or developing education? Could you be a part of OSAKO’s executive board for the year 2021?

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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 1: Chairperson and Vice-chairperson

Could you be a part of executive board of your student union – as a student, for students? You can now apply to executive board of OSAKO for the year 2021.

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Exchange in Belgium, Brussels

Hello! I’m Teijo, 22 years old, and I study international business for the second year. I decided to go for exchange for this Autumn despite of the challenging situation!

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Patience exercise for your international internship dreams

Someone could argue if there is any sense to go on an international internship during this time. Is it safe and can you get what you want from it? My answer is yes!

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This is the time to try something new

For some, turn of the year is the time for new beginnings and time for reforming. For others spring is the season that offers these opportunities. For me however, the season that reflects those new beginnings is the Autumn. This year it is yet again a student Autumn.

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Autumn meeting of board of representatives on November 23, Organization meeting of board of representatives 2021 on November 24

Autumn meeting on November 23 at 5 PM Autumn meeting of OSAKO’s board of representatives is organized on Monday November 23 at 5 PM. On the agenda are decisions such as membership fee for the...

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Rector Q&A – Remote panel on Monday November 9

What is happening with the city centre campus project, or how will the corona epidemic be taken into notice in the spring’s teaching? Is there something else you have you always wanted to ask from...

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Apply for Executive Board of the Student Union for 2021

Board members for executive board of the student union for 2021 are elected at the organizing meeting of the new body of representatives, which is held at the end of November or beginning of...

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Who makes decisions about your affairs in 2021? New board of representatives is elected

Period to run as a candidate for the elections of Board of Representatives ended this Monday, 12 October. By that time OSAKO received 25 candidate declaration forms, all of which were...

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Appeal to stop the spread of coronavirus – OSAKO won’t organize Osakoween, changes in service hours

UAS rectors and student unions appeal to students to stop the spread of coronavirus. We can all reduce the risk of campuses being closed because of corona. Read the appeal in Oiva or at:...

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Deadline for becoming a candidate for the representatives’ elections got postponed – new deadline is 12 October at 4 PM

For the last couple of weeks, you have had a chance to become a candidate for the election of council of representatives. In the elections members of OSAKO choose 25 members and 25 vice-members as...

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