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Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring is enjoyable, unforgettable and rich in experience.

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What has the year 2020 taught me?

The year has been different, and it has required everyone to adapt. During all the difficulties and challenges, we take care of each other.

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FSHS is coming – are you ready?

The Act on healthcare for students in higher education will take effect on 1 January 2021, whether you are ready or not. As a student in University of Applied Sciences the act will introduce Finnish Student Health Service FSHS into your life.

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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 3: Social Policy and Educational Policy

In the last part of our blog series we get a glimpse of the tasks of board members responsible for social policy and educational policy. Would you like to be the next “sopo” or “kopo” of OSAKO in 2021?

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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 2: Events, sustainable development, tutoring and international affairs

Are you interested in organizing events or tutoring? How about wellbeing of students or developing education? Could you be a part of OSAKO’s executive board for the year 2021?

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Survey: The quality of teaching and students’ motivation have deteriorated during the exceptional situation

503 Oamk students took part in the survey. Half of the respondents started their studies in 2020. Before the exceptional situation, 72 percent of the respondents studied mainly in contact...

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OSAKO is looking into how remote learning is going

OSAKO wants to find out how remote learning has gone during this exceptional situation, especially this semester. You can take part in the survey by clicking here. The aim of the survey is to...

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Actives of OSAKO for 2021 elected in organization meeting of Board of Representatives

Board of Representatives of student union OSAKO had its organization meeting on Tuesday the 24th of November. In the meeting they elected the chairpersons of the board of representatives, executive...

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Autumn meeting of board of representatives on November 23, Organization meeting of board of representatives 2021 on November 24

Autumn meeting on November 23 at 5 PM Autumn meeting of OSAKO’s board of representatives is organized on Monday November 23 at 5 PM. On the agenda are decisions such as membership fee for the...

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Rector Q&A – Remote panel on Monday November 9

What is happening with the city centre campus project, or how will the corona epidemic be taken into notice in the spring’s teaching? Is there something else you have you always wanted to ask from...

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Apply for Executive Board of the Student Union for 2021

Board members for executive board of the student union for 2021 are elected at the organizing meeting of the new body of representatives, which is held at the end of November or beginning of...

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