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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 3: Social Policy and Educational Policy

In the last part of our blog series we get a glimpse of the tasks of board members responsible for social policy and educational policy. Would you like to be the next “sopo” or “kopo” of OSAKO in 2021?

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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 2: Events, sustainable development, tutoring and international affairs

Are you interested in organizing events or tutoring? How about wellbeing of students or developing education? Could you be a part of OSAKO’s executive board for the year 2021?

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What does the executive board of OSAKO do? Part 1: Chairperson and Vice-chairperson

Could you be a part of executive board of your student union – as a student, for students? You can now apply to executive board of OSAKO for the year 2021.

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Exchange in Belgium, Brussels

Hello! I’m Teijo, 22 years old, and I study international business for the second year. I decided to go for exchange for this Autumn despite of the challenging situation!

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Patience exercise for your international internship dreams

Someone could argue if there is any sense to go on an international internship during this time. Is it safe and can you get what you want from it? My answer is yes!

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This is the time to try something new

For some, turn of the year is the time for new beginnings and time for reforming. For others spring is the season that offers these opportunities. For me however, the season that reflects those new beginnings is the Autumn. This year it is yet again a student Autumn.

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Subscribe to OSAKO's newsletter now! As a subscriber you won't miss our news, blogposts and event infos. The newsletter is published six times a year, and for the year 2021 there will be two more...

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New Chair for OSAKO’s Board of Representatives and new OSAKO board members elected

The Board of Representatives of student union OSAKO had a meeting on Tuesday the 31st of August. The meeting in question was quite important, because the board elected a new Chair for the Board of...

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OSAKO’s Board of Representatives will have its Spring meeting on Monday, June the 21st at 17 o'clock. The meeting will be held as a remote meeting through Microsoft Teams. According to...

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OSAKO and OYY are looking for a graphic designer for the opening event of the academic year

The event branding will be planned together with the group organizing the event. In addition to the marketing material for the event, some products (such as overall patch, wristband and table tents)...

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OSAKO and SAMOK are looking into how distance learning is going

The University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK and the student unions of the universities of applied sciences are carrying out a joint distance learning survey with the aim to...

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Survey: The quality of teaching and students’ motivation have deteriorated during the exceptional situation

503 Oamk students took part in the survey. Half of the respondents started their studies in 2020. Before the exceptional situation, 72 percent of the respondents studied mainly in contact...

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