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Patience exercise for your international internship dreams

Someone could argue if there is any sense to go on an international internship during this time. Is it safe and can you get what you want from it? My answer is yes!

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This is the time to try something new

For some, turn of the year is the time for new beginnings and time for reforming. For others spring is the season that offers these opportunities. For me however, the season that reflects those new beginnings is the Autumn. This year it is yet again a student Autumn.

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My path to executive board of OSAKO

Vice chair of executive board of OSAKO shares his story about how he ended up to his position as well as his feelings about upcoming Autumn.

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Going Abroad: Finale

Last month of the exchange period started with a road trip to Tirol area, which was followed by an intense week of studying and preparing for final presentations etc.

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Going Abroad: On the road again

May has been full of adventures now that the travelling restrictions inside Austria have started to open again – I’ve made sure that I would travel and still make the most of my stay.

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Going Abroad: Quarantine life part 2

“This point marks the halfway of my exchange semester and I still feel that staying in Austria was the right choice. Really blessed, that we’ve had the opportunity to travel inside Austria for now and continue getting new experiences during the next two months.”

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Board of representatives gets together for the first time in 2020

On Wednesday the 26th this week the board of representatives will have its first meeting for the year 2020. The meeting takes place in Kotkantie campus in auditorium 2 from 16.30 onwards. In the...

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OSAKO is working on the issue of Linnanmaa campus’ self-checkout at lunch

We have heard that there have been some difficulties in Linnanmaa campus regarding self-checkout at lunch. OSAKO is aware of the problem and we are working on figuring out a solution....

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The board of executives 2020 had their organisation meeting

OSAKO’s board of executives of the year 2020 had their first meeting yesterday on 16th of December. In the meeting the board discussed the areas of responsibilities. The division of...

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OSAKO’S new executive board and chairpersons of the body of representatives elected for 2020

Body of representatives chose a new board and chairspersons for Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences on Wednesday evening 4th of December 2019. Second year student of natural...

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Apply for Executive Board of the Student Union 2020

Board members for executive board of the student union for 2020 are elected at the end of November or beginning of December, at the organizing meeting of the new body of representatives. We are...

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The results of the election of the student union representatives were confirmed in the meeting of the election board on November 6th, 2019. Polling percentage in the election was 10,7 %, and in...

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