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Vappu 2022

25.04.2022 - 30.04.2022

The long-awaited May Day is here!

The students’ annual May Day festivities start on Monday, the 25th, and continue until April 30. until! You can expect excitement and mood every day, as there are new events planned and long-awaited old traditions will also be brought back to life after May Day 2019! Welcome to a “normal” May Day celebration, both old and new students!
You can collect tokens from 7 different events during the week and put them together into a complete set of tokens (HOX already has 6 tokens and the token set is full).

25.4. Mayday – EXCERPT

Welcome to start May Day at the Mayday party at Mango! The party starts at 22:00 and continues until 05:00. Tickets go on sale in advance on on April 13. 3 e for the price. Welcome to start May Day with a bang. Mayday is part of the May Day tokens, so Mango will distribute a limited number of tokens for the event. So be quick!

WHAT? Mayday
WHERE? Mango disco bar
WHEN? 25.4. from 22:00 to 05:00
BUNTING? 3e, tickets go on sale in advance at on April 13!
WHY? Let’s start students’ May Day etc. 2022!


26.4. To the new nOOOusu – OTE,OUTO & OIO

The new nOOOusu has the Tuesday meehem organized by OTE, OUTO and OIO. There will be a program and a nice time together. These parties really lift you up after Mayday. So put on your overalls and head towards the Pearl!

WHAT? A day of activity for a new nOOOusuu
WHEN? 26.4. from 13:00 to 18:00
BUNTING? WHY FREE? Let’s keep the May Day engines running!


27.4. The opening of the barbecue season – KULTTI & LUVA

Welcome to celebrate the opening of the Grill season in Kiikeli on April 27! There will be a barbecue, a picnic, a Funny Hats competition, and other activities. In the funny hats competition, the funniest, most creative or generally nicest hat will be awarded, so grab the nicest May Day hat and head to Kiikeli. The race is on-site during the event, so there is no pre-registration. Be there on time, because there are a limited number of event tokens to be distributed!

WHAT? The opening of the barbecue season
WHERE? In Kikikel
WHEN? 27.4. from 4 to 10 p.m

WHY? Let’s open the barbecue season


27.4. May Day Eve Party – Arkko

Welcome to May Day’s loudest follow-up party on April 27! The May Day Eve party is a continuation of Luva and Kultti ry’s daily event for the opening of the Grillikaus.
Come and celebrate May Day in advance in a good mood at Heidi’s Bier Bar on April 27 from 10:00 p.m. Advance ticket sales open on April 11, 2022 at 12:00 on KideApp! The ticket price is €2. You can also buy a ticket at the door for €2. Of course, in addition to good company, there is a drink at student prices and one token for the fastest people in the May Day token package. So see you there!

WHAT? May Day Eve party
WHERE? Heidi’s Bier Bar (Kirkkokatu 16, Oulu)
WHEN? Wednesday 27.4 from 22:00
BUNTING? Tickets €2 in advance from on April 11, 2022 at 12:00 and at the door during the event
WEAR WHAT? Overalls or a barbecue outfit


28.4. Day disco – WEIRD

Welcome to Päivädisko, the earliest party of the year! Get ready to dance to disco music in Kaarle from 12 noon. After the dances, the muscles are well warmed up for the Tynskä push. Tickets will be sold in advance on on 14 April. from the affordable price of 3 e! There are a limited number of tokens for the day disco, so be quick or you could miss out!

WHAT? Day disco
WHERE? Charles Vault
WHEN? 28.4. from 12:00 to 17:00
BUNTING? 3 e, in advance kide.apista 14.4. from
WHY? an early worm arrives at the disco, and maybe grabs the sign!


28.4. Tynskä push – OIO

Tynskä will be pushed into the center of Oulu again on April 28, for the first time since the push in 2019! Tynskä departs from Villa Kaljaasi at 16:00. Before the push, energy is obtained from the sausage serving on-site. Tynskä’s goal is also Villa Kaljaasi, where after pushing you can take a sauna and enjoy the evening! It is possible to collect one new token in the set of tokens from Tynskä. Welcome.

WHAT? A blunt thrust
WHERE? Villa Kaljaasi (Kaljaasintie 8)
WHEN? 28.4. from 4 p.m
BUNTING? Free for all
WHY? Tynskä is pushed for the first time in 3 years!


29.4. Holiday orientation

Gather your team (max. 10 people) and go compete against other teams for the kingship of May Day orienteering! Register your team via the link below between April 11 and April 25. (the notification of one group member is enough). The winners will receive a prize, fame, and glory, which will be announced on the orientation day. There will also be official continuations at the end of the orientation, which we will inform you about as soon as possible, so STAY TUNED! Badges are distributed to the participants from the May Day orientation, which are part of the badge set.

WHERE? Parks in the center of Oulu
WHAT? Tick ​​navigation
WHEN? 29.4. from 3 to 9 p.m
BUNTING? orientation is free!
REGISTRATION? open 11.-25.4. here:…/1FAIpQLSfupSI4UxWVSZF3eY…/viewform


30.4. Vappugames – DEPARTMENT

Welcome to spend May Day’s most relaxed days in Linnansaari from 3 pm! Coming soon




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OTE ry
Arkko ry
Kultti ry
Luva ry

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