Clear communications – Clear mind.

In this blog text OSAKO’s new Specialist in Communications and International Affairs Venla writes about the importance of clear communications both in the study world and in other areas of life.

With clear communications you will always make a good impression. I believe that through masterful written text you can make a lasting impression and really make a name for yourself in both your free time and in the professional world. If you can write with a confident touch and convince your reader with your text, you can do anything.

It all stems from the first impression we make when we encounter a piece of written text. We see written text and communication constantly: on our phones, on the media and on our study material all the way to road signs and advertisements. If you come across a messy text riddled with spelling errors, I don’t think you will enjoy reading it, much less retaining the information from it. Long and pointless sentences are boring and only confuse the reader. However, if you write wittingly and clearly, you’ll seem like an educated, confident, and precise person. This will be in your advantage when applying for jobs, internships and even just writing an everyday essay for your studies.

As a linguistic professional and a whole-hearted grammar police I love the fact that you can influence your reader with the quality of your text. If you’ll be able to put even a little bit of extra effort to your writings, I assure you it will be extremely relevant in your future! Good applications, essays and messages will always put you one step ahead of those who didn’t put in the same effort.

As OSAKO’s new Specialist of Communications and International Affairs, I will make sure that we as a student union communicate clearly. I want to make all the info available to all the students as easily as possible. If you have any input as to what OSAKO should do differently in regard to our communications or in terms of our international affairs, feel free to shoot me with an e-mail to venlajun(at)oamk.fi. I’m always eager to hear feedback and trying to get better at what I do.

P.S If your interest peaked even a little bit, look over here.

Here are some quick tips on clear writing:

– Use short, powerful sentences! Don’t bore your reader.

– Use more verbs than nouns! You’ll seem more confident and to-the-point.

– Check your spelling and grammar! Be precise.

– Enjoy the absolute bliss of being a great writer! Clear communications – Clear mind.

Have an amazing autumn and be well everyone!


Specialist in Communications and International Affairs

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